How to write a resume that speaks to an applicant tracking system. — Workforce Watercooler

When you apply to a job online, it can feel like your resume might be getting lost among who knows how many others. And honestly, sometimes it does. But there are some things you can do to ensure your resume will be accurately matched to jobs that suit you, instead of getting buried beneath a […]

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Resume Writing 101. For Those Who Want to Get a Better Job and For Who Want To Enter Into The World of Professionals — Sophie-sticated Mom

If you are moving into the professional world, you need to have a resume that proves you are professional. I used to waitress, a cashier, and work at fast food when I was in high school and college. But I did not want to do that forever. I need to transition into a professional job […]

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Explaining the Wage Gap

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Every year on National Equal Pay Day, activists recognize the point in the year that women’s pay catches up with her male equivalent. In 2016, Equal Pay Day will fall on April 12. The PR gimmick is designed to bring attention to the fact that women still earn about 78 percent of what men earn, decades after entering the workforce in significant numbers.

There are regulations in place to ensure that hourly workers who do the same job get paid equally, and it’s rare to see blatant discrimination based on gender. But there women do earn less over their lifetimes, for several reasons. They may take time off early in the careers to have and raise children, which can put them a few years behind their male peers. They often have the primary responsibility for family caretaking, making them more likely to work part-time or take jobs that require fewer…

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FlexJobs Releases 3rd Annual List of Virtual Companies

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Highlights 125 That Embrace Remote Work

Computer/IT, HR/Recruiting & Education the top three industries for fully virtual companies

Boulder, CO, April 4, 2016—For the third year in a row, FlexJobs, a virtual company itself, has analyzed hundreds of companies to find those that operate with fully or heavily distributed workforces. These 125 virtual companies allow all, or mostly all, of their team members to telecommute 100 percent of the time, with computer/IT, HR/recruiting and education the most represented industries on the list.  Virtual companies operate across many industries, though, such as accounting, health, law, marketing, non-profit, news/media, sports, travel and others.

When, where, and how people are working has changed dramatically over the last ten years. Telecommuting has grown 103 percent over the last decade in the United States and estimates project that 50 percent of people will work remotely by 2020. While many companies have…

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Engineering Students Learn by Doing

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(This article originally appeared in The Florida Times-Union at

Bill Kane and Student Engineer Bill Kane helps a student with load bearing formulas.

It was March, so it wasn’t surprising to see a group of young men discussing brackets.

But these weren’t the usual March brackets. The young men in question are engineering students at Palatka High School and they were double checking the math on load-bearing formulas.

Bill Kane, maintenance and reliability manager at Georgia-Pacific, was helping the group see that the current formula included misplaced brackets, changing the mathematical order of operations and providing the wrong answer.

This is what education should look like. When teacher Jan Boland recruited engineers from the local Georgia-Pacific plant to mentor students, neither she nor the GP staff knew what the mentors would actually do. When Kane, a mechanical engineer, suggested that the students design a monorail to move huge motors within a storage…

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Military Spouses and Portable Careers

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National Military Spouse Appreciation Day is celebrated on the Friday before Mother’s Day in May.  This year it will be celebrated on Friday, May 6. The day was designated by President Reagan in 1984 to celebrate military spouses, the heart of the families who support troops during mission, deployment, and return to civilian life.

Military spouses face unique challenges in find employment. It’s not uncommon for Navy members to be transferred every three or four years, so spouses often have work histories that look like job hopping. Spouses with portable skills find employment more quickly. Souses who work for companies with a national presence can sometimes transfer within the company, especially in the retail and hospitality industries.

Here are some of the most portable careers for anyone who may move frequently to follow a spouse.

  1. Therapeutic Careers. Healthcare professionals are in demand across the nation…

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