BCS Overland Park Says That the Majority of Job Hunters Fail to Follow Up on Networking Meetings


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BCS Overland Park says that the majority of job hunters fail to follow up on networking meetings.  After a meeting with a networking contact, job seekers should keep in touch with that person by informing them of progress made in their  search as well as sending information or articles that would be of interest.  Networking is a two way street and should benefit both parties, especially in a career campaign.  Follow ups are also important after a job interview – the rule of thumb is to be persistent but not a pest.

BCS is a career management firm located in Overland Park, KS and assists professionals and executives in various industries across the country.  They have 49 cooperative offices in five countries including the U.S., Australia, Canada, Scotland and England.   http://www.newswire.com/press-release/bcs-overland-park-says-that-the-majority-of-job-hunters-fail-to