BCS Overland Park announces that Web Portfolios are now available – PRESS RELEASE


BCS Overland Park, Kansas Career Consulting


BCS Overland Park announces that Web Portfolios are now available to work across all mobile platforms including smart phones and tablets.  Hiring managers will now be able to view all of the candidates information and credentials from any mobile device.  Web Portfolios provide personal branding to a higher level by using leading edge technologies to demonstrate a candidate’s value to hiring decision makers.  Virtual portfolios have important benefits for candidates, employers, career management firms and recruiters.  The benefits for the candidates include building brand equity and the ability to develop a meaningful dialog with the hiring manager more quickly.  Hiring firms utilize the portfolios to reduce hiring cost by accelerating the hiring speed and improve the hiring decision quality.

BCS is a professional and executive career management  firm located in Overland Park, Kansas and assists professionals and executives in various industries across the country.  They have 49 cooperative offices in five countries including the U.S., Australia, Canada, Scotland and England.