UK – Workplace bullying is on the rise study finds

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This will come as little surprise: survey after survey have pointed that workplace bullying is on the rise.Capture d’écran 2014-06-16 à 08.21.43

A VitalSmarts report released earlier this week found that 96% of their respondents – out of 2,283 people – experienced workplace bullying. Psychology Today refers to the increase as ‘silent epidemic’. Since 2003, 26 states have introduced Happy Workplace bills to help eliminate bullying at work. Unfortunately, none of those laws have been enacted yet.

Those studies and surveys, when taken together, cast light on the surprising dynamics of bullying – the belittling, reputational attacks, gossip and elbowing that make many modern workplaces unbearable.

Here’s what the studies show: bullying is not random. It has reasons in the bully’s mind, even if those reasons are unfair, skewed, and informed by their personal insecurities. That bodes well for handling bullies, in the workplace or elsewhere, because it means you can address the root…

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