Canada – CBC to cut up to 1,500 more jobs

Job Market Monitor

The CBC will continue to cut staffing with an additional loss of 1,000 to 1,500 employees by 2020, says CBC president and CEO Hubert Lacroix.cbclogo_sprite1

In a news release Thursday, the public corporation said it would be shifting priorities from television and radio to digital and mobile services. Lacroix said there will be additional jobs lost in the future, but they will be made in “prudent steps.”

The job losses will be through attrition and retirement as well as cuts. They will be in addition to the 657 jobs eliminated as a result of a $130 million funding cut announced earlier this year. CBC currently before cuts has 6,994 permanent employees, 859 contract employees and 329 temporary employees.

“The goal is that to be able to meet a financially stable and sustainable CBC/Radio-Canada, we have to reduce the infrastructures . . . but we also have to reduce the number of people…

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