BCS Overland Park Announces Changes to Their 2014 Software

BCS Overland Park Announces Changes to Their 2014 Software

BCS Overland Park, Kansas Career Consulting

Last year BCS of Overland Park upgraded their resources by adding One Source iSell to their mix. Now

One Source is changing, making it an even better resource for the Overland Park, Kansas firm. One

Source is now Avention.

Avention has added CRUSH reports. These reports are particularly valuable to the job seeker because

of the depth of information leading to corporate decision makers. By reaching these decision makers,

and through implementation of a targeted marketing campaign, the job seeker can not only land a job

faster, but can often times find a better match for their skills and preferred work environments.

BCS and their clients transitioned to the newer Avention in April of this year. The new software has

thousands of data points that can be applied to companies. The market place of information often used

by sales professionals also distinctively fits the needs of job hunters.

BCS in Overland Park provides free access to every client. Clients who remain active in job search can

use the software for the purpose of job search.

To learn more about BCS in Overland Park, KS visit their website at http://www.BCSKansas.com