Workplace Bullying – Being treated as invisible is more harmful ?

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Although surveys show that people consider it more psychologically harmful to be harassed Capture d’écran 2014-06-16 à 08.21.43than ignored, workplace ostracism turns out to have a bigger impact than harassment, doing greater harm to employees’ well-being and causing greater job turnover, says a team led by Jane O’Reilly of the University of Ottawa. Ostracism is also more common: Of more than 1,000 university staff members, 91% reported such experiences as being ignored, avoided, shut out of conversations, or treated as invisible over the past year, whereas 45% reported being harassed, such as by being teased, belittled, or embarrassed.

Source: Being Treated as Invisible is More Harmful than Harassment – Andrew O’Connell – Harvard Business Review.

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