Millennials – The best-educated generation in US history but overall they don’t earn more

Job Market Monitor

A demographic cohort is never monolithic, but the group that recently entered the labor force had one trait in common: they watched as the Great Recession dramatically reshaped the landscape of employment, housing, and, in general, their expectations. How profoundly will the economic downturn and its associated effects mark this generation?Capture d’écran 2014-06-16 à 13.54.40

On top of the economic hardships facing the millennials, they show signs of veering from established patterns. Whereas the last few preceding generations moved more quickly toward getting married or buying a house, millen- nials as a group are taking their time on those fronts (for many, out of necessity). In 2012, 36 percent of the nation’s young adults ages 18 to 31 were living in their parents’ home, the largest share in four decades, according to 2013 data from Pew. The same year, just 25 percent of millennials were married, down from 30 per- cent of the same…

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