Moving Sideways on the Career Ladder

Styling Your Life

Moving Sideways On The Career Ladder by Sherri Davis-GarnerTraditionally, the way to climb the career ladder was to move up. The job market has changed. Companies are flattening their organizations and eliminating layers which housed management positions and titles. There are a limited number of steps on the ladder; therefore, you have to be smart about your career and be willing to sometimes move laterally. Laterally, also known as moving side-ways is the new moving up.

There are some Smart Solutions Strategies™ to enhance your professional career brand and increase your value to employers as you contemplate moving within in your company

First Smart Solution: Moving laterally provides you with wonderful opportunities to gain exposure to other parts of the company where you can showcase your skills and talents. It also provides you with an opportunity to gain new skills, expose your talents to a new people, introduce you to additional decision makers and communicate your agility and…

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