5 Non-traditional, Must Have Qualities of a PR Pro

Megan Christopher

Across the public relations industry job titles, responsibilities and expectations are changing. The skills of a PR professional in today’s industry must be distinguished from those of traditional PR skills. While traditional strong writing, interpersonal and communication skills will always be relevant in public relations, being a successful PR professional takes more than tradition—it takes resourceful talent.

  1. Breadth: Traditional communications skills will always be relevant and necessary in public relations. But now, more than ever, non-traditional digital communications skills such as photography, infographics and digital content creation are requirements of a dynamic PR professional. These multi-dimensional skills create a competitive advantage for those professionals willing to invest the time to learn
  2. A specialization: While a breadth of skills gives a competitive edge, a specialization gives defined direction. In the early stages of a PR career a specialization isn’t absolutely necessary, but it will help during job interviews. A specialization should…

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