Would you ever consider producing a video resume?

Paul Simon Thomas

Adam Pacitti wanted a job in the media. He was unemployed. Since graduating from college, he’d bumped around, working at Woolworth’s, until it closed, and then an amusement arcade, which laid him off. Now he was determined to get a position in the “ultra competitive, cutthroat, and slightly vacuous industry that is the media,” as his tongue-in-cheek video resume explained:

Pacitti, 24understood that just sending in resumes and hoping to be noticed wouldn’t go far. So in January, he decided to go for broke — literally. He spent what he said was his last £500(just under $770) on a billboard in London. The message read: “I spent my last £500 on this billboard. Please give me a job.” At the bottom of the billboard was a website URL,EmployAdam.com.

Sounds silly? Maybe, but within a month, Pacitti had the last laugh. “I received emails from…

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