The 4 Considerations of Choosing a Career

Against the Herd


The topic of this post is was inspired by a question that my 11-year-old son posed to me: “Baba (as he calls me), how can I know what career to choose?”  As I know other parents would feel, the question in and of itself made me feel proud :-).  After that moment of pride, I had to devise an answer worthy of the question.  I dedicate this post not just to my two boys, but also to my wonderful nieces and nephews in the US and Egypt.

While I admire the Utopian guidance frequently heard these days, “you can and should be whatever you want to be,” I’m afraid I’m a bit too pragmatic to pass that on to my son.  I truly believe that there are choices we must make, many of them rather difficult, that shape our opportunities.  If one chooses and seeks a less-than-ideal (for him…

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