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I was a freshman at California State University, wondering how to stand out from the hordes of people who were applying for the job as Kmart Assistant Manager. It came to me that employers were seeking people who wanted to excel. So I needed to set the stage for an awesome interview.  That began my fascination with interviews and resumes.

As a corporate manager, I interviewed, hired and trained over 3,000 people (retail, telemarketing and sales hires). Over the years, I developed a few effective strategies. The key is to view your employment search as a marketing campaign, complete with strategies, tactics and marketing collateral.  Your primary marketing piece is the resume.

According to TheLadders (an online job matching service) the average recruiter spends 6.2 seconds reviewing your resume.

 Eleven Tips for a Better Resume

Do your homework with your format. Some industries and people have a preference:  chronological…

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