Unleash your creativity to innovate and grow

Karen Walsh

Stuck with a problem that needs a completely different approach?

Pressure to innovate and transform how you do things?

Pondering on how to grow your business?

“without creativity there would be no progress” Edward de Bono

Try this 3 step approach…

man with idea lightbulb

1. Step into a resourceful, creative mindset

  • Move away from your normal office desk to free up your thinking. Try sitting in a park or garden for additional inspiration.
  • Stand up. Imagine a circle on the floor. Imagine its colour, width, size.
  • Think of a time when you were resourceful, energised, innovative.
  • Take a deep breath, think about the memory and step into the circle. Relive the memory. Intensify the memory
  • Keep this mindset for step 2

2. Generate loads and loads and loads of ideas


  • crazier (!) the better
  • quantity, not quality (at this point) – at least 30 ideas!
  • keep going…. the best ideas are the…

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