prepare for success – interview tips.


arthur ashe

Emotion comes from Motion.  Tony Robbins teaches that if we want to change how we feel, we need to change our physical state.  This is why Tony jumps on a trampoline prior to going on stage at his seminars where he engages 4,000 people for 50 full hours over 4 days.

So what does this have to do with interviewing?

When you go to an interview, you must be confident and enthusiastic.  When an employer judges candidates for positions, of course experience and accomplishments are important, however, the impression and energy  that you leave behind is one of the top factors of whether you’ll get hired or not.  I’ve interviewed many candidates when I was a Sales Manager at a large corporate company and if I felt any negativity coming from the person, no matter what their experience was, they were dismissed immediately.

So how can you build your…

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