Smiling and Success – why smiling is good for you.



Smile every day.

I know you probable woke up later than you planned this morning. You forgot your lunch at home that you spend a half an hour preparing last night. You came late for work (but that was the traffic, not you getting out of bed late) and then you didn’t even have you coffee at work and the whole day was just beyond crazy.

Now I am telling you to smile (whats wrong with me? Right?). The reason why I am telling you to smile everyday, even if your day is as crazy as can be, is that smiling makes you a more happy person and more productive.

Smiling helps you have the right attitude toward your work and life in general. Smiling have shown to decrease stress, boost your mood and your immune system.

When you smile you use only 5 of the 53 facial muscles, less than what you…

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