Interview horror stories that will make your day! Part 2



We’re back with Part 2 of “Interview horror stories that will make your day!” Get ready for some of the most outrages job seeker stories you’ll find on the internet.

From My RB Opportunity Blog:

“Steve Boyar

“I had a candidate that had gotten the job and was set to start. The morning before her first day, she called our office sobbing hysterically, saying she wouldn’t be starting her new job today, because her ferret had just eaten her bird. After pausing a second or two to assimilate what i had just been told , i casually said ” but isn’t that what ferrets do? , she called me a bad name and hung up! Never heard from her again”.

Darren Grayshon

“We used to have issues with applicants understanding of English. Interviews were a nightmare:

 Me: Hello, what is your name

Applicant: Yes

 Me: No, No…

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