4 Job-Search Tips That People Normally Pay Big Bucks To Learn

By Dan Fastenberg

ueThe idea of paying someone to help you get a job may strike you as absurd. Yet the practice of using a job coach is growing as workers seek any advantage in a tight labor market. But what would a career coach tell you, if you had the bucks to hire one?

Interviews with career coaches uncovered several key job-search tips. Some of them are quite simple — but often go overlooked. As Miriam Salpeter, a coach and AOL Jobs blogger, notes: “It’s not rocket science.”

1. Don’t just send in an application and think your work is done. In a bruising hiring environment, applying online can often feel like a black hole. And that’s because it often is. The tendency of job seekers to simply send a resume, and do nothing else is “terrible,” according to Michael Melcher, the founder of the New York-based leadership development…

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