Jobseekers own a company called Me, Inc.

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My son just learned how to cut the lawn…well sort of. I still have to follow him around, helping to guide the mower and making sure he doesn’t run over any objects hidden from his sight. The first time he cut the lawn, he ran over our dog’s wire cable, causing me to wonder if this would be the first and last time he’d cut the lawn.

As I’m helping him to better learn the fine art of lawn-mowing, I fantasize about my kid starting his own business, which would ultimately depend on him (or me) creating a company.

When I think about my 11-year-old son starting his own lawn mowing business, I relate it to my jobseekers who all have their own business–it’s called Me, Inc., a term Martin Yate applies to jobseekers, who are ultimately responsible for selling a great product, themselves.

In an article Martin wrote, he talks about…

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