How to Effectively Attend a Job Fair

The Recruiter Next Door

Having only been a company looking for job seekers at career fairs, job fairs are in one word, crazy. There can be hundreds of people within the same profession or industry all in one place waiting in long lines just to get a chance for face time and a resume passed along.

Career fairs can be a daunting task. Crowds of hopeful candidates flowing around company booths while hiring managers and representatives shake hands and converse with every individual that steps up to their table.

Given the rapid, assembly line nature of career fairs it may seem useless to spend time and effort creating a strategy…after all, you’ll just be shaking hands, exchanging greetings then being shuffled along, right? Wrong! Don’t talk yourself out of ignoring a perfect opportunity to stand out among your peers and grab the attention of potential employers who really do genuinely want to meet you.

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